NON-PROFITS (501c3's) and SCHOOLS...
* Is your typical fundraising event more about "event" than "fundraising"?

* Do you need to find new streams of funding quickly?

* Do you wish your Board (and other volunteers) would raise funds?


* Raise more funds in a fraction of the time of traditional fundraisers

* Quickly find new streams of funding (already in your current network)

* Empower your Board (and other volunteers you haven't met) to raise more funds than you dreamed possible


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ProFund has Helped Raise Hundreds of Millions for Nonprofits & Schools Since 1992.

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Some of Our Clients

Client Testimonials - Best Money We Ever Spent!

It is my pleasure to share this endorsement for ProFund Fundraising Solutions, specifically the passion and excellence that Jerry Stevens personally provides so that a fundraising event is successful.

We have worked with ProFund and Jerry for seven years on our SLF RainFest Challenge, seeing a steady increase in gross receipts from $32,000 to $102,000 over that time. [Note: To date SLF has raised over $750,000 with ProFund]

Can't say enough about Jerry's customer service and coaching. It's the best money we ever spent. The ProFund system works and we are exceedingly satisfied! 

Sam Skillern

Executive Director

Salem Leadership Foundation
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